Lashes by Stef

Revolutionary and innovative, eyelash extensions give you a radiant glamourous look with longer and fuller permanent eyelashes without damaging your natural lashes!  

Classic & Ellipse $135




After Care Instructions for Eyelash Extensions

 DO NOT: get your lashes wet or put on any make up for 10 hours
DO NOT: let any oil near your lashes, this includes moisturizers, serums, hair products, face washes, eyeliner pencils, argan oil, morrocan oil, coconut oil… avoid these products anywhere near your lashes.
DO NOT:  use oil based make up remover + waterproof mascara & waterproof eyeliner
DO NOT: use mascaras unless oil free and safe for eyelash extensions + avoid excessive mascara usage.
DO NOT: rub or pull your lashes. You will cause damage to your natural eyelashes
DO NOT: expose your lashes to heat or steam. Your lashes could get stuck together, lose their curl, or even be singed. Stand back from your oven, BBQ and watch out for lighters too.
DO NOT: use an eyelash curler – it will break the adhesive bond
DO NOT: wash your eyes with your shower head. The friction is too strong for lashes and you will have premature lash loss

DO: Clean your lashes 2-3x weekly 
DO: Shampoo your lashes after exercise to remove oils
DO: Sleep on your back or your side. Try tucking your pillow under your cheekbone instead of sleeping on your eyes
DO: Use visine or any other product as required, as long as it does not contain oily lubricants