Laboratoire Dr. Renaud Facial Treatments

Deep Cleansing Facial $80

 Cleanse and purify with a deep cleansing facial, a full analysis and deep pore cleansing, mask and extractions, followed by a relaxing massage and final touches personalized to your skin type and condition.

Pure Treatments- The Botox Alternative $145

 A revolutionary cosmetic alternative to anti-aging surgical procedures. Powerful
"lifting" anti wrinkle, anti sagging, anti-aging action and give more radiance to the skin
Recommended treatments for optimal results: 4

Radiance Treatment Facial $85

 A perfect lightening treatment for dull and hyper pigmented skin. By using vitamin C extracts the skin is left bright, even and luminous.
Recommended treatments for optimal results: 5

Refining Glycolac Peel Treatment $85

 With the use of AHA this treatment will refine the skin from signs of ageing while leaving skin hydrated, refined and clear.
Results recommended for optimal results: 5

Collagen Veil Facial Treatment $135

 The collagen veil leaves your skin with long lasting hydration, soothing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a "Second Skin: and exceptional treatment for Brides to be.
Recommended treatments for optimal results: 5

Clear Up $80

 This treatment stands out for its exclusive active ingredients especially developed for oily and comedonal (blackheads), asphyxiated acne prone skin

Sensitive Skin $85

 Nourishing, desensitizing and soothing treatment for frailed and sensitive skins.
Recommended treatments for optimal results: 4  

Rosa C3-Cell Control Complex $110

 A global solution for vaso-reactive skin symptoms such as redness, erythrosis, couperose, and rosacea skin conditions, this treatment diminishes cappilary activity, reduces inflammation, improves tissue irrigation and strengthens the immune system.
 Recommended treatments for optimal results: 4 

Beautifying Eye Care Treatment $45

 Enriched and optimized Vitamin A and cytokines which helps fight the formation of the lines, puffiness, and wrinkles, restructures and firms the eye contour. 

Deep Hydrating Science Treatment $120

 Shows visible results from the very first treatment, visibly younger looking skin surface; the skin instantly plumped, hollow area are filled out and features are smoother. A spectacular treatment working at the heart of the cells where optimal hydration occurs.
AHD3 complex will leave you with visibly younger skin, instantly plumped and with optimal hydration.
Recommended treatments for optimal results: 4

Excellence Thermosculpt $140

 This innovative facial treatment is designed for correcting the loss of firmness. Softening of the contours and thickening of the lower face. The skin is re-sculpted as if it was "lifted" by improving tone and elasticity, thus reducing the appearance of sagging. Suitable for both men and women. 5 Treatments for ultimate success. 


  Prices are subject to change without notice.